Monday, October 31, 2011

100 Word Halloweensie Challenge

I'm excited to enter into Susanna Leonard Hill's Halloweensie 100 word Challenge. The rules are to create a story for children using only 100 words and three must-use-words which are: Jack O'lantern, Candied Apples and Boo. Click here to see the full set of contest rules.

 Once upon a Halloween

    Three aliens stood on the sidewalk and watched as strange creatures passed by. Some had pointy hats, some had fangs, and some wore capes. A few looked just like them. “This is Earth, right?” asked Jack O’lantern. “Yes, we landed on the right planet,” said Boo.

    “Our mission is to visit at least one house and steal some candy,” Jack O'lantern said. "Look, those creatures are easily taking candied apples from that house over there!” he pointed to the darkest house on the block with creepy music coming from it.

   “No way! We're NOT going there, it’s haunted!” said Boo.


  1. Love it Jennifer. I guess we would do look different on this one evening. Great perspective.

  2. Thanks so much and for stopping by Stacy!

  3. Just became aware of your blog and illustrations. Very clever entry! I wrote something, but forgot to post in time. Was busy with an author/illustrator interview with Tom Lichtenheld. I really enjoyed looking through your artwork. Taureans are known for creating beauty! I share the same sign. I'm a writer, but not artist.

  4. Hi Patrica, thanks for stopping by and checking out my entry. I can't wait to read about the interview with Tom Lichtenheld. He happens to be one of my new favorites!

    Also, thanks for the follow :)

  5. Great job! Love those Halloween stories for kids.

    Hope you'll stop by the Write Game and pick up a little something I've left for you.


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