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Perfect Picture Book Friday & Exciting News to Share

This review is part of Susanna Leonard Hill’s Perfect Picture Book series. Visit her site to see the other books recommended.

Title: Limelight Larry
Author and Illustrator: Leigh Hodgkinson

Publisher: Tiger Tales 2011, originally published in GB by Orchard Books 2010

Suitable for ages: 3-7

Themes: Wacky and Wonderful, Classic Concepts

Opening Sentences:

This is Limelight Larry.

This book is about him.

He thinks it will be an AMAZING book just because it has him in it.

He thinks he is FANTASTIC- The bee’s knees with a cherry on top.

He thinks he should be FAMOUS and that there should be more books about him.

(Perhaps he should see if this book is any good first, huh?)

Some FANTASTIC sneak peak illustrations from Limelight Larry

Why I like this book:

    First of all, I like it because the illustrations are wonderful and done in mixed media. Which is when an artist uses more than one media (paint, fabric, charcoal, etc) to make an illustration. Leigh's artwork pops right off the pages of Limelight Larry. She does a fabulous job using loads of color and textures. It also has an important message about sharing. On top of that it is fun to read out loud, and it is silly enough to make you giggle.

This is taken directly from the Editorial review on Tiger Tale’s website:
“Larry the peacock finds adventure in. . .his very own book...Limelight Larry, a bright-blue peacock, announces that this book will be all about him and, because he is FANTASTIC, it will be AMAZING. But before he can explain how, an inquisitive mouse enters, followed by a bird, an elephant, bunnies, a bear with a picnic basket and, strangest of all, a tall wolf in a Red Riding Hood cape dragging a prop forest on a wheeled platform….They're cramping his style! He screams at them to leave him alone…But then he realizes it's not much fun to show off all by yourself…Lesson learned: It's much more fun to share.”


1) Author sites:

Leigh Hodgkinson's Blog

Leigh’s Website:

2) Destination Modern Art. This is a museum website for kids. So cute! It's a MUST visit! You can click on any artwork and learn how it’s created. Make sure to visit The Dove and click on it. Then, click on tools and create your own mixed media artwork.

3) First Palette. Make a mixed media collage with step by step instructions at this website.

Limelight Larry Book Trailer

Now, it's time to sharing my exciting contest news...


     For all of you who haven’t heard my book Poison Apple Pie has made it into the final round of the MeeGenius Author Challenge 2011. Click HERE and it will direct you to my post with more details on it.

Thanks for stopping by today!     


  1. Wow, those illustrations leap off the page at you! Love the Moma and First Palette websites you suggest.

    I voted this morning for Poison Apple Pie! Good luck! You did so well to get this far.

  2. Those illustrations are striking! *wishing I could illustrate* Thanks for the awesome review. Adding it to my list.

    I voted. And congrads on getting as far as you have. I hope you win. :-)

  3. Your perfect picture book pick if fabulous! I love the illustrations and all the fabulous COLOR! Wonderful.

    And so excited about your book as a finalist! I will continue to spread the word! Good luck!

  4. This book sounds wonderful and a real riot to read. Adding it to my list right now. Thanks for sharing!

  5. The excerpt you shared just totally cracked me up. I've got to get this one.

    Congratulations again on the MeeGenius contest!!

  6. Oh my, those illustrations are gorgeous! And the premise is a riot. Love how the author's name is crossed out on the cover. So clever! Thanks for sharing this one!

  7. The book sounds hilarious and the pictures you shared look great. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Oh my goodness. That looks like a hilarious book. I have to get it!! My class will love it, I'm sure. Hey, and congrats on your own book ~ that's super exciting.

    I'm following your blog now -- love how it looks :)

    Grade ONEderful

  9. Wow, look at those colors! This looks absolutely gorgeous, not to mention hysterical. A drama queen peacock is right up my alley, so it just went on the list. Thanks for sharing this book - one of my favorite new finds so far!

    And congrats on MeeGenius -- I liked all three of you. :)

  10. That is a funny story. I can think of some teens I know that fit the opening with Larry. We'll look for this one. Congrats again on the MeeGenius contest.

  11. Thank you everyone for stopping by to see Limelight Larry's review. I still have yet to finish visiting all your PPF reviews. Well, I'm off to check yours out!

  12. Jennifer this sounds like a very funny book. I'm going to read to the critics from 502 and see what they say! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Gorgeous illustrations and the story sounds very funny! Your resources are amazing, I can't wait to explore the MOMA site.

  14. I want to read this book! The illustrations look awesome :)

  15. This book sounds delightful. Thanks for sharing.
    Congrats on MeeGenius. I "liked" your book.

  16. The art looks beautiful and I love books with mixed media. The message here seems perfect for kids too- it is more fun to share and include others. I love peacocks too! Nice choice and congrats!

  17. Congratulations!!! I went to the site and voted for your book!!!!
    Your PPBF choice is hilarious...absolutely love the illustrations...I'm sure kids will love hearing it and looking at it as well!

  18. @Cheryl, oh that's great. Thanks for stopping by!
    @Heather, thank you! Yeah, Moma is a fun one, enjoy :)
    @Eric, Hope you like it! Thanks for visiting!!
    @Penny- Thank you for the vote and kind words.
    @Tracy- I'm a BIG fan of mixed media. I love Leigh's work.
    @Vivian- Thank you for the kind words and for voting! I really appreciate it.

  19. This looks like such fun! And the activities you highlighted look fantastic. Thank you!

    1. You're welcome Beth! Thanks for the visit :)

  20. This book sounds like so much fun! Thanks for giving us a peek at it.

    1. You're welcome. Thank you for stopping by :)

  21. Sorry, I missed the posting of the last two PPB entries. Loved the video. Sounds like a very funny book that kids would want to read again and again. Congrats on the MeeGenius finals. I voted.

    1. Thank you Patricia for your visit and kind words.

    2. also thank you so much for your vote

  22. Jenny, Loving your blog so I'm awarding you the Liebster Blog award! Read more about it here and keep up the awesome posts and interviews!

    1. Thank you Tracy for thinking of me. I'm very honored! Congrats on your award as well :)


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