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  On Thursdays, I post the answers to children's book related questions that I have asked different writers, illustrators, artists, agents, and editors.

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1) I asked writer Kris Quinn Christopherson:

 "Why is it important to build your platform as a new author/illustrator? Can you tell us about the World Ink Tour that you're involved with?"

Her answers- Click here to read her post 

2) I asked writer Eric Van Raepenbusch:

"Now that your books are published how do you market them and is it a difficult process? What are some of your favorite resources on how to go about marketing?"

His answers- Click here to read his post

3) I asked writer Sarah Perry:
"If you had a choice to go the ebook route or the tradition printed route the rest of your writing career which would you choose and why? If you plan on visiting schools for your eBook, how would you implement that?"

Her answers - Click here to read her post

4) I asked writer Stacy S. Jensen:
"If you were to pick two blogs that has helped you grow the most during your writer’s journey which two would they be and why? Also, if you wanted to share your most valuable experience about writing with us please do so."

Her answers - Click here to read her post

5) I asked writer Bethany Telles:
"Why do you think it is important for a writer to have social media connections? Could you share your experience with being interviewed by multiple broadcasting stations about your book and how you went about getting the interviews?"

Her answers- Click here to read her post

6) I asked writer Julie Hedlund:
"Why do you think it is so important to attend a writer's conference and at what stage of your writing career should you do so? Could you tell us a bit about your time at the Bologna Children's Book Fair and what your favorite experience was?"

Her answers- Click here to read her post

7) I asked writer Susanna Hill:
"One piece of advice I keep hearing is write what you know. You have a variety of children's books already published. Do you mind sharing how each book idea came about and which ones were your most fun to write?"

Her answers- Click here to read her post

8) I asked writer Cheryl Velasquez:

"You are constantly reading picture books to your class of second graders. Would you share some advice on how you get them engaged during story time? What was one of their favorite books you've read to them? What is your favorite type of children’s book you like to write most and why?"

Her answers- Click here to read her post

9) I asked writer Beth Stilborn:

"For those of us who are struggling on the path of being a published children’s book author can you share 3 or 4 resources you found most beneficial for growth as a writer that supply answers, writing challenges, incentives and inspiration?"

Her answers- Click here to read her post

10) I asked writer Rena J. Traxel:

"You are a writer of more than one genre. Would you advise others to try to write in a totally different genre to improve their craft ? If so, why would that be constructive? Which genre do you find to be more challenging to write for? Why?  Where does your inspiration come from while writing for children? Older audiences?"

11) I asked writer Carter Higgins

   "What advice would you give to an aspiring picture book writer/illustrator who wants to turn their hobby into a career? Have you had any personal experiences that you now know should have been avoided or have you had any important revelations on your journey that you could share? Also, why is the book, The Stinky Cheese Man such an inspiration to you?"

12) I asked writer Kirsten Larson

"Your children’s stories tend to have an environmental and earth science theme, where does your inspiration come from? While creating nonfiction stories for children, what does your writing process look like? Do you research information first and then invent the story? Can you share some tips on how to craft a nonfiction story into picture book that informs and entertains children without being too “wordy?”"

Her answers - Click here to read her post

13) I asked writer/illustrator Mira Reisberg

"With your extensive background in teaching children's picture book writing and illustration, would you be able to share why it is important and useful for writers to use a storyboard while editing? Also, I’ve noticed there’s more than one type of storyboard with different page counts, is one more preferable to work with than another? If you could give one piece of advice to a picture book writer what would be the most important inside tip on creating a publishable and re-readable story?"

Her answers- Click here to read her post

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