Thursday, April 21, 2011

123 Thursdays

Sharing three interesting children's picture book related sites or blogs.

Here are my fun websites finds this week:


This one isn't really considered a children's picture book site but it really helps me when I write.Check it out if you need help rhyming or finding the perfect word for your story.



Here's another helpful site while you write. Check out vozme if you would like your story read back to you. You can choose a female or male computer voice. There are other text to voice sites out there, but so far this one is my favorite. It doesn’t have many bugs and it takes more than 1000+ words, unlike some of the other ones out there.


Write Wild is a fun blog I came across. Each month, Christie Wright Wild hosts a Picture Book Writing Contest. The winner receives a free detailed critique from her. She shares many great websites and blogs for writers and illustrators. Christie blogs about helpful tips for writing and getting your picture book published. She has a handful of author interviews that she shares with us and her blog also holds a list of literary agents to research. -Plus more fun stuff.

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