Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Smile by Leigh Hodgkinson

  I recently read Smile, by Leigh Hodgkinson to my four year old girl. She wanted me to read it to her three times in a row. The pictures are bright and fun to look at. The storyline is easy to read and easy for kids her age to relate to. This picture book is about a little girl who lost her smile and tries very hard to find it. She hangs up missing signs around town and looks everywhere she last saw it. The story has humor and a happy ending which most kids love. Leigh's eccentric illustrations help bring Sunny to life on each page of Smile.


  1. Hi Jennifer - I am going to get the book! P.S. I like the name change for your blog! - Maeve

  2. That's great! If you're interested in seeing her website it's:
    Also, thanks for that compliment on my new name. I was inspired by your blog title. I still like yours a lot better;)

  3. Hi Jennifer - I think your blog is eye catching and pulls the reader in to check it out. I especially like your artwork with the recycled paper! What a great idea! The name of my blog comes from my husband and I being grandparents. He is called Pop and I am called Lolli - we figure what kid wouldn't want to go to LolliPops!

  4. Sounds like a cute read! Cute blog as well!! I look forward to returning!!

  5. Maeve- thank you again for the compliments. I plan to make more illustrations with that medium mixed with two others. Also, that is the most adorable combo name! I like it even more now.

    Jen- thank you very much for stopping bye. I'm glad you liked my blog.

  6. Hey! Thanks for the visit and follow over at Putting Pen To Paper. Following you back.

    I'll put Smile on my list of books to buy the next time I hit the bookstore. It sounds awesome!

  7. You're welcome Robyn! I'm glad you came to visit my blog and thanks for the follow.

    Hope you enjoy the book!

  8. I'm very proud of myself for tracking you down after you introduced yourself on kidlitosphere list! You didn't leave your blog link but Google helped me. (Unless you have no idea what I'm talking about in which case - Oops!)

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog Susan. I had a chance to stop by your website:
    It's full of great writer info and very easy to navigate. I'm going to add it to my list of favorite sites. Thanks for finding me


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