Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Only 6 days left to submit!

     Today I submitted by children's story Poison Apple Pie into the Meegenius contest
The winner get a publishing contract! Wahooooo. If you are interested in entering better hurry up! The contest closes on November 1st 2011.  Voting starts on November 28th and ends December 18th. Like any contest, make sure to read through their agreement and set of rules. I'll repost again on at the end of November to help my story get some possible votes...I hope.  Best of luck to all that enter!

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  1. Good luck with that contest. Hope you win. Wish I had time to enter and give you some competition, but that's just not possible this year.

    Thanks for the visit to the Write GAme. I really appreciated your stopping in to "taste" some of the Creepy Cake N Bake goodies.


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