Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Holiday Blog Hop is Today!

Blog Hop day is here, Wahoo!!! Jenny S. Morris from Jenny's Imaginary World and Megan Dolan-from This Post Will Self Destruct are hosting today's Blog Hop. Thank you guys.

   I had to write about 250 words on my favorite holiday and post it on my blog on exactly November 15th. It is supposed to be short and sweet! Wish me good luck!

Shoebox Angel
By Jennifer Young 

     Alone in her shoebox, tucked away in the attic, Angel couldn’t sleep.
    “I wonder if he’s here yet?” She asked.
     She tried to wiggled and turn on her light, but nothing happened.
 “Did they replace me? Did they forget me?” she whimpered.
     Angel poked her head out. She watched as a mouse rummaged through boxes.
“God bless you,” she said and his little jaw dropped.
 “I found you at last!” he squeaked,
“Me?” Angel pointed.
“There’s no time to explain,” he said and helped her up.  

    He led Angel into a hole in the wall,
    Through a maze,
    Down a pipe,
    And out towards a glowing light.
     The smell of fresh pine pulled her into a room she knew by heart. A Christmas tree towered in the center of it. All of it was decorated but the empty spot on top.
 “Oh Christmas tree,” she sang.
“Shhh,” said the mouse.
   Then, over on the table Angel noticed the untouched cookies and milk.
“Oh joy, I didn’t miss it,” she said.
“It’s best if you start climbing,” he urged.
     Ding, ding, ding, the clock started chiming. Angel made her way up the tree. The decorations
offered her help.
 “I knew Mouse would find you,” Gingerbread man whispered.
“We missed you old friend,” said Nutcracker pulling her up with a candy cane. They gave her pats on the head.

Ding, ding, ding.
     Angel was almost at the top when the clock dinged its twelfth chime.
And she slipped.
“Whooooa,” She tumbled down, down, down.

     Soft white gloves cushioned her fall.
“There, there, little one,” Santa said.
     He placed her back on top.

“Hmm, something is off,” he scratched his head.
     Then, he twitched his nose and his eyes twinkled. And with a snap of his fingers *SNAP* Angel lit up the room brighter than ever before.

“Oh, thank you!” she said.
     And away to work he went.

The End


  1. Great job Jennifer :) Makes me feel a little guilty for boxing my angel away!

  2. Very creative! Looks like I'll be putting my angel up this year :)

  3. Oh that was lovely. I always put an angel on my Christmas tree. :)

  4. Oh, I love it. Now I really want to decorate my tree. And go buy and angel for the top.

    Thanks for participating!

  5. Aww! What a sweet, magical story. Well done! I grew up with an angel on the top of my Christmas tree, but we haven't had one since I got married. Thinking I need to go out and find one this Christmas. Thank you!

  6. This hop is really getting me into the spirit of the season! That is an adorable story :)

  7. This makes me think about the Nutcracker. I loved it!

  8. Jennifer, this is wonderful! Totally fun and heart warming at the same time! I love it. :)

  9. Thank you for the wonderful compliments everyone. Growing up I always had a star. After getting married, my husband and I have a very old angel that his grandma (Mom Mom) made. she doesn't light up, but our tree doesn't look the same without her.

  10. I agree with Katrina- what a sweet and magical story. I love the idea that all the ornaments have feelings and come alive a la The Nutcracker. Thank you so much for participating. I'm having a lot of fun reading everyone's entries!

  11. What an adorable story! All these Christmas stories are getting me so excited to the holidays:)

  12. That's a really cute story. I wasn't planning on buying a tree this year but now I might just have to, and an angel to go with it!

  13. @Jolene, thanks so much

    @Megan, thanks for putting this together with Jenny. I tried to leave you a comment on your blog but it wouldn't take:( Thought your beginning story was very adorable.

    @Deana- I know, me too! And thank you for the compliment :)

    @Jasmine- Thank you! I still need to hop over to your blog and check yours out! :)

  14. Aw! This story is adorable! I'm so glad the angel made it just in time. :) Happy Holiday Blog Hop!

  15. Jennifer! I really like that. What a clever story. Glad I found your blog!


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