Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Easily Flushed Blog Hop

       I have a short fictional piece for today’s Easily Flushed Blog Hop. You can visit the rest of the entries at the hosting blog Reading, Writing and Loving it.  Thank you Cassie Mae for having this!

The Shot

Right after school, it was already dark.

He asked,

“Will it hurt?

How many do I need?”

And, “Will it leave a mark?”

In the waiting room we played and we joked.

He asked,

“Does it feel like this?”

With a pinch.

“Or this,” with a poke.

While the nurse led us through the hall.

He shouted,

“Don’t hurt me!”

And he flopped down in a sprawl.

There was no where to hide so I covered my eyes.

I asked,

“Dad, would you please get up?”

and added,

“After, you’ll get a prize!”


One more thing since I have you here...can you visit Facebook and vote for my story fairy tale story...only if you like it of course?   Thanks inadvance for you help! :)

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  1. Oh I love it! Sounds like what my kids'll do to my hubby. :)

  2. I hope there is some truth to that story. Sounds like my good friend--she faints every time she goes to the doc.

  3. So funny and cute. I love it! I'm glad I'm not scared of needles.

  4. Hi, Jennifer,

    I finally got the chance to visit your blog. I LOVE the name and graphics...

    Your post today really cracked me up... well done! I needed a good laugh.

    Off to read your contest post ... Terrific meeting you...


  5. Oh that was too cute. :) Sorry, I don't have face book, but would vote for you if I could.

  6. LOL! Love it! This is such a fun blog hop!

  7. That's classic - love it! A friend of mine, a really grizzled farmer always faint if he sees a needle - shouldn't mock... hehehe

  8. I absolutely hate needles. They make me almost pass out.

  9. That's really cute! I always wonder what thoughts are running through my kids' heads when the shots come out, poor little dears, they're brave :)

  10. Ha! So funny. I bet this is true.

  11. Oh my. That is too funny ;)

  12. Love the twist at the end. Very cute and funny.

  13. Awww. So cute!

    You can count me in as a follower! I also voted for your story in the MeeGenius Author Challenge! Really hope your story wins :)

    I'm also participating in Cassie's blog hop. Hope you can drop by my blog

  14. Great story and a great blog hop! Loving your bloggy!!

  15. I never thought it was the dad - that's a cute story!

  16. Thank you guys for the visit and kind words about the story. I had fun visiting and reading your blogs as well. Happy holidays!!!

  17. Just checked your ratings and you're 9th right now. Congratulations!


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