Monday, April 30, 2012

A to Z Poetry Challenge (R - Z)

This is my third week of the A to Z Poetry Challenge hosted by Rena Traxel. The whole month of April I will practice writing poetry. Click here for all the challenge details

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Day 18 - Friday April 20th 2012

R is for Rhyme: Tips on Writing Stories in Rhyme

--Write a poem for kids in rhyme. Come up with some actions that can go along with your poem (keeping in mind your audience).

Stuck in the Muck

So, you ran and you tripped, now you’re stuck,
Flat on your face with cheeks in the muck.
Have you lifted your hands?
Have you lifted your legs?
Buster, I think you might be in luck.
All you have to do is just jiggle.
Can you try it without a giggle?
Have you moved to the left?
Have you moved to the right?
All you have to do is just wiggle.

--By Jennifer Young

Day 19 - Saturday April 21st 2012

S is for Sonnet


--Try your hand at writing a sonnet (you can be funny if you want). Or
--Using the 14 line structure above write a poem.
You can use the picture above or the word "season" as a prompt for your poem.

Sick of Bananas

My monkey family ate banana meals.
We hated having no or little pick.
Banana breakfast, lunch and dinner feels,
Like boring, yucky, mushy, gooey, ick!
We tried thinking up some things,
For earning treats like gum and crackerjacks.
The streets offered change for trying to sing.
They gave us peanuts working circus acts.
But happy came in dough, even in rolls.
I joined zoos because they’d paid some money,
For cheering up the sad and lonely souls,
And monkey comics telling jokes is funny.
Though, “laughs” I did not hear from stage,
Tomatoes pitched fast became my wage.

--By Jennifer Young
Day 20 - Monday April 23rd 2012

T is for twitter

--Write a twitter poem and posted it to twitter. Or
--Write a series of twitter poems that link together to tell a story.

The Answers

The sky flipped down/The light inside turned on/The secret is free#Poems#poetry

--By Jennifer Young


Day 21 - Tuesday April 24th 2012

U is for Universal 

--When you write your poem today think about your audience. You can use today’s word “universal” as prompt for your poem. And/or
--Write a poem that depicts your universe that you think others could relate to (Are you retired? Do you have kids? Are you student? Etc.). 

From left to right - Pumpkin, Princess and Bud
My Universe
My Bud is not a flower
He is a bouncing busy boy.
My Pumpkin is not a veggie
She is a blonde and bubbly joy.
My Princess is not a ruler
She is a brave and playful doe
My universe is not the cosmos
It is where my children grow.

--By Jennifer Young


Day 22 - Wednesday April 25th 2012

V is for Video

Julie Rowan-zoch

--Since poetry is meant to be performed when you write your poem today I want you to perform it. No you don't have to create a video, but try performing your poem in front of your kids, spouse, or a trusted friend! Try writing a poem about something that is absurd like a vampire rabbit! Or
--Use today's word "vampire" to write a poem.

My Grandma’s a Vampire

My grandma’s a vampire
Her life is askew
Her vision is shot
And her dentures have glue.
Her hunger has weakened
Her flitter has faltered
Her pacemaker skips
And her memory's altered.
My Grandma’s a vampire
But not for too long
Her body is brittle
And her drive is all gone.
Her hair is neglected,
In need of a comb,
When vampires are old
They are put in a home
--By Jennifer Young

Day 23 - Thursday April 26th 2012

W is for the W's

Illustration by Julie Rowan-Zoch

--Using today's prompt "wicked" write a poem using the W's. Or
--Write a W poem on a topic of your choosing.


An aristocrat
Concealed his rat
In the morning to buy quiche
Tucked him snug in his hat
For it's taboo to walk him with a leash.

--By Jennifer Young

Day 24 - Friday April 27th 2012

X Marks the Spot

--Create a found poem using bits and pieces from the source text on this page. Please leave some words in the comment section below so that I can create a found poem from your comments.

125, 000 wolves
Finished and waiting for salom and tuna
Sandra Boynton made them a promise
Instead she said,
“Go pick your beautiful dresses”
They ran after her
Faster than bullets
Over rocky ground
To hunt her down
She gave out wooden shoes
Filled with corn and peas
She said, “stomp, dance”
It was difficult
For these growling dogs
Sandra just laughed.

--By Jennifer Young


Day 25 - Saturday April 28th 2012

Y is for You

I'm called Jen
By my Vince
By my friends
Not by my mother
Or my sis.
They call me Jenny.
I go by Mom,
Or MA MA by my kids.
Call me Jennifer,
If you like,
I like that name too.
Though, as a kid it bored me.
I always wanted a name
Like Candace.
Like my sister.
I named my youngest after her,
Susannah Candace!
I'm a lover
of zombie films.
The more "End of the world"
The better.
And peanut M&M's
Are my weakness.
Find me drawing
Snug on my bed
A book on my nook
Or a pb in my lap,
A peek inside
My comfortable world

--By Jennifer Young

Day 26 - Monday April 30th 2012

Z is for Zig Zag

Take a journey on a Zeppelin

by Bill Boudreau
--Write a zig zag poem. (What is a zig zag poem?A zig zag poem is when you take the last word from a line and use it to start the next line in the poem so that it creates a zig zag down the page.- Rena Traxel) Imagine floating along in a Zeppelin. What do you see. What do you smell. What do you feel. Now write a poem and you are done!

Ants swarming a tiny chateau
Chateau teeming with busy bees
Bees bustling below
Below building hives in trees
Trees with leaves fluttering
Fluttering and flapping in the breeze
Breeze blasting in my face
Face squinting with unease

--By Jennifer Young


  1. They are fantastic, Jennifer. My very favorite is your latest the zigzag poem. It really does have zing about it. Thanks for sharing your lovely poems :)

    1. Oh you're so sweet Catherine, glad you liked them. Thanks for the praise :)

  2. Very nice Jennifer! I think the ZigZag poem is my favorite as well. I have enjoyed doing this challenge with you and all of the other A-Z Poetry group peeps! ;) It's been a blast!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Natalie. I'm off to check out yours :)

  3. Whew, that was a lot of poetry for one post! And I loved all of it.

    1. Thank you Kirsten, so nice of you to say.

  4. Wonderful! What a way to end the month. You have done an awesome job. Your zigzag poem is really creative!

    1. Thanks Penny, yours are awesome and very inspiring.

  5. Wonderful! You described the view from your zeppelin from one location and built upon it. So good. I've had a great time reading your fun poems. We will keep supporting one another.

    1. I hope so Pam. Thanks so much for all the kind words you always leave.

  6. Great fun poems. I liked them all. My very favorites were U and V. Thanks. :)

    1. Oh, thanks Brenda! So nice you took the time to read my poems :) Glad you liked it!!

  7. Another round of fun poems. So, what do we call you?

    1. Haha, thanks Stacy! Call me Jen or Jenny (I'm used to both in my old age) :)


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