Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Purple Craft for Purple Day

Today is Purple Day to support epilepsy around the world. My dear friend Bethany invited me to participate in Craftopia. Bethany's little boy Renn has epilepsy. To get involved or to learn more about it click here. 

Since I couldn't make it Fresno California, my kids and I decided to collect all the purple stickers in the house and some sunglasses to participate.

Vincent, Julia and Susie are sticking stickers on their sunglasses

Vincent wrote Renn or tried to anyway.
As you can see he has trouble listening to me and thinks he can spell better than I can.

Julia, looking fabulous in her sunglasses.
This is before the purple stickers :)

Susie looking serious

Two lovely purple dots, stuck on by Susie.

Here we go Julia! That's pretty purply 

Remember to wear your purple today!
For more information, please visit www.purpleday.org

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