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FOOD FIGHT contest

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Today is the start to the Food Fight zesty Onomataopoeia Slinging contest over at Marcie Colleen's blog The Write Routine. It's the Write Routine's First Annual FOOD FIGHT! in celebration of World Read Aloud Day.  To read all the entries, visit Marcie's blog --> The Write Routine

Okay here goes mine-

Tea with the Snooties

Veta didn’t like change. No witch ever did. Especially ones that live in cozy cottages with their sister and not a soul around to bother them.

But one day Veta and her sister received a fancy letter with a royal stamp on it.

Dear Wicked Witches,

Your presence is requested for tea and pastries at the castle.

Kiss the hands,

The Princesses

“Yuck!” said Veta, “I’m NOT eating with those snooties - even if they serve us worms.”

“I think I’ll make a batch of chewy gooey bat whisker cookies,” said Dory, “And you’ll need to make something too.”

“Oh no - NOT me!”

“But they’ll love your special dish?” said Dory.

Hmm, thought Veta. Maybe I can make them something special…something extra special.

The next day the sisters arrived for tea at the castle.
Before Dory knocked,

 Veta blurted out, “If any of those snooty princess force us to eat their puffy pastries with sprinkles, I’ll turn them into toads.”

“Cool it!” said Dory.

When the doors opened they were escorted down an elegant corridor.
Another set of doors opened up to a great dining hall with a table decorated in a shimmery clothe and dressed with the finest china.

“Welcome sisters,” said the queen.

Then she introduced her daughters one by one.

“This is Martha, Bartha and Dartha”

Veta giggled.

“Shhhh,” said Dory.

When Veta sat down next to either Bartha or Dartha, they plugged their snooty little noses.
But Veta didn’t smell anything.

“We heard you two witches make the best food in the kingdom,” said the queen.

“We do,” said Dory and she uncovered her tray.

“Try one,” said Dory handing a cookie to Martha.


“Ouch, your cookie bit me,” she cried.

“I must have added too much spice,” said Dory.

“We do NOT eat spice,” sneered Martha, “Anyway, try our much better food.”

Trays with lids were placed in front of the sisters with cups of hot tea.
Under the first lid were puffy pastries with sprinkles.

Veta stood up, “If you make me eat that- I will croak!”

“Sit down,” ordered Martha.

Veta plopped down with a growl. Then she remembered her surprise dish.

“I made something special.” said Veta, “Extra special.”

She peeled back the lid and a dark spooky haze seeped out.

"TA-DA," said Veta

Everyone gasped- including Dory.
Martha spoke slowly, “We cannot possibly try that rubbish.”

“Then we cannot try yours,” said Veta.

“That’s right!” said Dory bravely, “We’ll pass on your puffy pastries with sprinkles!”

“I find that hard to believe,” snorted Martha, “it’s the best.”

And she dipped a finger in the pastry topping and smeared a blob on Veta’s forehead.

Veta gritted her teeth.

That’s the last straw, thought Veta and dug deep into her extra special dish.

She pulled out a solid handful of cross-eyed newt of cream paste.

“Would you like a taste?” asked Veta with a wicked smile.



If you liked to add to the story below, here's what you do:

1. Read the posted story and all of the comments that precede you.
2. Post your comment.
3. Be sure to build on and further the existing story. Your comment should flow.
4. The story should read as if it was written by one person when read from beginning to end.
5. ALSO, your comment needs to include at least one word of onomatopoeia and one thrown item of food.

*note- Your onomatopoeia must be a word that has not been used already in that story.

Please join in the fight and help me finish my story. You can comment up until March 8th!

Thanks for partipating


  1. Martha couldn't answer - her mouth was wide open when that handful of newt-eyed cream hit! But her hands were free, and she slung back half a dozen chocolate pudding tarts - Thwack! Smack! Fump!

  2. Standing dumbstruck and dripping with pudding sludge were Bartha, Dartha and...the queen- OUCH! Veta and Dory had ducked just in time.

  3. As the tossing and splatting continued an eerie, foggy haze started to swirl about the princesses. A wisp of the green-tinted mist swirled by Veta's nose, she took a deep breath and smiled just as a large tart went Flump! onto her face.

  4. Veta snorted and the sneezed, ATCHOODLE, a long slimy noodle-booger of tart sprayed across the table at Bartha's bulbous nose. She screeched and launched one of her puffy pastries, up, up in the air in response.

  5. Dory quickly bewitched the puffy pastries and their sprinkles to soar above the princess sisters, rain down, and stick soundly in their once beautifully curled hair. PITTER-PATTER, PLINK!

  6. "Enough!" the Queen bellowed. "We do not blow noodle boogers in this castle." The room fell quiet. "But we do fling frosting!" Hideously pink frosting hit Dory's wart with a splat!

  7. Whew, the flying pink, gooey frosting landed smack dab in the middle of Dory's shiny red dress after falling from her face. Oh my, she cried out. I'll never visit here again. WHAM, BONGO, and the pink blob of frosting flew across the room landing in a heap at the Queen's feet.

  8. The Queen shrieked, as slimy snakes wearing rose-tinted glasses slithered from the frosting and across her shiny glass slippers.

  9. "EEW!" The queen quickly grabbed the hot tea and poured it on the snakes SIZZLE, SIZZLE... "OUCH, OUCH, what the heck was I thinking?" cried the queen as she gasped down at her scalded feet.

  10. Quickly the Queen suck her burning feet into the pitcher of ice water on the tray. Hissss the steam rose and filled the room, hindering everyone's vision.

  11. Smack, thwack, tinkle, tunk, something hard and sprinkly with just a touch of toad-chocolate bounced across the room. It made it's way through the fog and the steam toward the Queen. Two bounces, maybe three and much to the Queen's surprise there was something karunching crazily up onto her arm and on and up and on and up until it flipped and twisted first a little to the left, then a little to the right. Bawooosh, it met the Queen's face not in a good way, but in a rather gooey way. The Queen did not say, "Ouch," nor did she say, "Dadblatt," but she did say, "That tasted good. May I have a little more."

  12. "MMMMM....MMMMM...MMMM. This is truly delectable," the Queen said, as she chewed the gooey thing. At the same time, Dory had taken a tentative lick of the pink frosting, and beamed widely. "What do you put in this frosting, woman?"

  13. "Sugar and spice and everything nice, what else," answered Bartha as she dragged a finger across her mother's face and ventured to taste the something hard and sprinkly with just a touch of toad-chocolate concoction herself. "Who'd of believed that something so grotesque would be so BLEEPING lip smacking yummy!" She put down the stardust-sprinkled cookie she was about to throw, and ran another finger down the queen's face instead.

  14. CHOMP! "Find your own eats, girl," the Queen cried, as Bartha grabbed back her bloody finger with surprise.

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