Monday, March 11, 2013


         Today's post is for Renn Telles. He is five years old and loves Star Wars. 
Since last year, Renn has been visiting the hospital and his doctors to figure out some issues with his epilepsy. For more info on his progress click-->  HERE.  Two lovely ladies, Susanna & Beth, have invited us to make something special for little Renn and post it on our blogs.  To read all the other posts for Renn created by other bloggers click --> HERE.  

To learn more about epilepsy you can visit HERE

To help cheer up Renn, I made him a VERY SHORT Star Wars comic strip,
with the help of my husband's Star Wars action figures from the 80's.



Playing Luke Skywalker's good friend ----->


Star Wars Eposode VI and 1/2

Now Introducing the cast of supporting characters

Darth Vader "Head Case Holder", The Storm Troopers,
Luke Skywalker, R2D2, 3-CPO, Princess Leia Organa,
Wicket W. Warrick and an Ewok (not sure his name - that's why he's cut off)


Before you go, my two daughters wanted to share a picture they each made for Renn.

Susie (2 years old) Chalk on canvas  

Julia (6 years old) Markers on paper 
Her card says:
Dear Renn,
I hope you feel good soon.
From Julia

Renn, we are thinking of you here in New Jersey
and we are always wishing you and your family well.


  1. Wow! What a cool comic! I didn't see that one coming :) And Susie and Julia's cards are wonderful! Thanks for joining in to help wish Renn and his family well!

  2. What darling girls you have! And the comic is too funny!!

  3. A cute comic and the notes from your girls. Too cute. I hope Renn feels the love across the internet today and this week.

  4. How fun! Cute comic and how sweet to include notes from your girls.
    Battle on, Renn!

  5. Haha! Brilliant! And a nice touch at the end with the sweet notes.

  6. This is adorable, and so creative!

  7. Love your encouraging blog post, Jenny. It's perfect. Renn will love it. Especially your daughters cards. How special. :)

  8. Spartacus has some new competition! Love the cards - so will Renn.

  9. Thanks, doll!! What a clever and sweet post! Renn thinks Julia is "Kinda cute and stuff". HAHA!! You're such a sweetheart for doing this... I cannot thank you enough!

    1. You're welcome! I hope Renn is doing well with his visit. I told Julia what you wrote and she blushed. Then she said, "I think I'm older than him." Ha!

  10. Love the comic strip, Jenny! But, even more, I love that you gave your little ones the opportunity to reach out and help someone else...kudos to you...job well done! And your girls made awesome pictures that I"m sure Renn will enjoy.

  11. I think there might be graphic novels in your future! Fun comic! (And sweet pictures by your girls.)

  12. How creative - a personal comic strip!!! and how wonderful to have your girls involved.

  13. We are super envious of your husband's Star Wars collection. I love the cartoon idea. You are so clever!

  14. LOVE the cartoon (and the action figures)! :-) I'm sure Renn will love being the star of his very own comic.

  15. Thanks everyone for checking out my comic for Renn! Hope you get a chance to check out all the others on Susanna's blog.

    Thanks again Susanna for inviting us to join in. :)

  16. Your husband still has his Star Wars collection? Lucky! The comic strip is fun and your daughters created a couple of beautiful pieces of art.

  17. Jennifer, your comic strip and the cards from your daughters are wonderful!!!


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