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Interview with Author Amy Link

    Amy Link, author of My Mommy Wears a Wig, answers a few questions about herself and her children's book which was published in July of 2009.

Amy Link

Question ONE: What inspired you to write My Mommy Wears a Wig?

    When I was going through treatment, my daughter was 5 years old and my son was 2 ½. Even though they were small, I made sure they were part of everything I was going through so there were no surprises. Of course, my son couldn’t truly understand what was going on and my daughter was always wondering where I was going & what I was doing. Although they couldn’t grasp the medical explanations or the emotional changes, they certainly could see physical changes. Talking about hair loss and making sure they were next to me when I had my head shaved took away the shock affect. I didn’t want them to fear me because I looked different or the fact I was losing my hair. It was a positive thing because that meant I was getting rid of the ‘bad stuff’ in my body. Afterwards, my family was able to laugh and look forward to the fun of mommy wearing a wig & getting ready before everyone because she only had to put on her wig instead of washing, drying, curling, brushing & spraying her hair. This experience inspired me to write this book to help others see this as a positive from a negative and to help those who have trouble finding the right words when explaining this process of healing.

Question TWO: What are your biggest challenges and greatest joys in parenting?

    What are some of your ideas for instilling a life-long love of reading in children? One of the biggest challenges of parenting is picking my battles. Children love to be independent and yet they thrive on structure. They want to do things their way but they still want mommy to help them with so many things. Daily, we may disagree over clothes to wear, food to eat, where to sit, what to play or what chores to do. As mom, of course, I want them to do what I ask but it doesn’t always work out that way. So, if they choose mismatched clothes, tie a knot in their shoelaces or put their toys back in the wrong place, I’m learning to just ‘let it go’. However, it leads to another challenge which is allowing them make mistakes that will teach them valuable lessons in life; such as forgetting a library book when its due because they need to learn responsibility (even when I see it on the table before they get on the bus). The greatest joys of parenting-there are many. I love when I see the ‘light bulb go on’ when they are trying a new lesson; I love when my children compliment each other & others; I love when my children talk about God and his heavenly kingdom where we will all live together forever; I love when they snuggle next to me and hold my hand or play with my hair; I am blessed to have a wonderful husband who wanted a family with me and together we have created beautiful, healthy, smart, kind children who make us feel like the richest people in the world.

Question THREE: How did you find your editor/publisher?

     My editor was a friend of a friend who willingly & generously donated her time. Finding a publisher was a little more difficult. When I was submitting my work to publishers, most responses indicated at least a year of waiting time before the work would be reviewed. After searching and searching, I came upon Author House Publishing. I submitted my work and within 8 months, my book was published.

Question FOUR: What are your current writing projects, if any?

     I do have another book ready to go to print but I’m waiting until I can get this book some national recognition before releasing the next one. Also, another goal is to have this book in EVERY library whether big or small.

Question FIVE: Are you doing any book signings now or in the future? Also where can we buy your book?

      I will be doing more formal book signings in the future. Books can always be purchased from me directly ($15) or from or but they will charge S&H. If a book is purchased from me, I will gladly sign it if requested. Thank you so much for your support. One purchaser of the book was a teacher. She was going to put it in her ‘just in case’ file. She believes everyone should have a copy of this book because (in her words) at some point in your life, you will come across someone going through this life changing experience and this book will be something that you would want to share with that person.

Thank you for the interview and for your time Amy.

My Mommy Wears a Wig  is on facebook. Click here for the group page link.


  1. Great interview Jenny. Congratulations Amy on both your recovery and your publication. I hope both roads for you are smooth with lots of rewards!

  2. Thanks again Maeve for your kind words.

  3. What a worthwhile, beautiful book. Very good of you to interview Amy, Jennifer.

  4. Thank you Suze!

  5. Great interview Jennifer! Congrats on your book, Amy, and I wish you all the best. It is on my list of "to read." Coming from experience, I know it'll be a dynamic, sincere read.


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