Friday, June 3, 2011

Interview with Author- Linda Black for Favorite Author Spotlight Friday

Author Spotlight- Linda Black

Hi Linda, thank you so much for agreeing to the interview.

Question ONE: When did you start writing and what inspired you to begin?

Actually, I’ve toyed with writing for as long as I can remember. My first real project was written at the age of 10, a poem I sent to Nashville to be set to music. They sent it back and asked if I’d revise it then send it back. It went in the trash. Believe it or not, my love for poetry was inspired from my love of music. I loved an old country western song by Marty Robbins called “El Paso.”

Question TWO: What are your biggest challenges and greatest joys in parenting? What are some of your ideas for instilling a life-long love of reading in children?

My biggest challenges of parenting are (still raising two teenage grandsons) teaching morals and expressing the importance of education and reading. My greatest joys are experiencing the positive success and fruition of my labor and teaching.

I believe every parent should have times set aside for reading to their children. There is truth in the saying, “Children live what they learn.” Be careful to make reading time as interesting as you can by using stuffed animals or other objects to help with the telling of the story. When it’s fun, they remember and will always love reading. It’s called positive reinforcement.

Question THREE: How did you find your editor/publisher?

A friend told me that a new publisher was looking for all genres. I looked at the website, checked all the requirements for submission, and the rest was history. The Editor-In-Chief contacted me with a contract about a week later, and she is still my editor.

Question FOUR: What are your current writing projects, if any?

With the same publisher, I also have a contract for my second book, “A Porpoise For Cara.” Be looking for this one sometime in the near future. It’s a beautiful story with a setting at sea that can be a read to for the younger age group, but is written for eight to ten and up. Even the adult child will love this one.

I still submit short stories to writing club contests, but I want to do a novel. That will be my greatest writing challenge.

Question FIVE: When is your book, The Adventures of Boots: The Giant Snowball coming out? And will there be a sequel?

I got an email from my editor who informed me that they are nearing completion of the new cover and the galley and are looking at a possibility of a June 8, 2011 release date in e-book publication. There will be at least one sequel, possibly two.

Thank you for your time Linda

Check out Linda's facebook page for more information here:!/pages/Lindas-Write-Right/164559496902812?sk=info

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  1. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity and honor of being interviewed by you. I'm truly flattered that out of all the authors you could have interviewed, you chose me.

    You are a wonderful person with a big heart! I wish you the best in all your endeavors and much success in everything you do. Good luck and may you have many pens!

  2. How very sweet of you to say Linda. I feel very lucky to know you and learn whatever you're willing to share with me "the epitome of a novice" that I am. Thank you once again for your participation.

  3. Congratulations on your journey, Linda. Great post Jenny

  4. Thank you Maeve! Love it when you stop by

  5. I love reading about how other authors "did it". Thanks for sharing!

  6. You're very welcome Rachel, so glad you stopped by and left a message.


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