Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Author Interview with Cheryl Velasquez

Author Interview
With Cheryl Velasquez

      Today's author interview is with Cheryl Velasquez. Cheryl is an aspiring children's book author. She just started her writer's blog called Book Nook, where she shares book reviews, information on fun writing contests, info on writing/reading challenges and her comments are genuine and sweet. I also wanted to add that Cheryl has been my critique partner for almost two years. (Since spring 2010)  She has been so supportive and helpful throughout the years and always there to lend a helping hand. I'm grateful to have her in my critique group and want to give her a big thanks.

Welcome Cheryl,
Cheryl Velasquez
Let's jump right into the questions:

 Do you have a favorite theme you like to write about? Not really, but I do enjoy writing about nature. I love to write in rhyme.

 Did you have a favorite book as a child? I did not like to read as a young child. But when I was in third grade my teacher introduced me to the author E. B. White. I fell in love with reading. I read all his books. My favorite was Charlotte's Web.

 How do you get inspired to write most of your stories? I love to sit outside and drink hot tea, yes even in the hot summer. I do this to relax, it helps me clear my mind so I can think. But my story ideas usually come from my children.

Do you do a lot of research when writing? I think I do, when I have an idea I search to see what other titles have been published about the subject. I visit my local library and read books about the subject too.

So far, what is the best advice you received about writing? 1) Find your passion 2) Read, Read, and Read some more, 3) Write tight!

Okay, here are just a few more fun questions that I happened to borrow.

What are you currently Reading? The Help
Do you use: Laptop or Desk top? Laptop
When do you write - Day, Afternoon or Night? night worker
Coffee or Tea? Hot Tea
While writing - Quiet or Music? Music
Describe yourself in 3 words? adventurous, creative, compassionate

Thank you so much for this interview Cheryl. I really appreciate your time.
If you like to learn more about Cheryl's and her writing visit her Nook Book blog at 


  1. Great interview! I can feel Cheryl's love of writing and reading. I've always like Charlotte's Web, but I'm not a huge fan of spiders, and that was hard to look past.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Enjoyed your interview here as well.

  3. @Emily- Yeah, me too, but I love Charlotte's character. Thanks for dropping in.

    @Christine- You're welcome, Thank you!!

  4. What a fun interview! I have such wonderful memories of Charlotte's Web. I love that book. And I love writing in rhyme too! So glad you had her over for an interview. I'm on my way to check out her blog!

    BTW- great eye candy!

  5. Jennifer thank you for the kind words. I love the new look of your blog too!
    Great job.

  6. Great to learn more about Cheryl! I drink hot tea in the hot sun too! ;-)

  7. Thanks for sharing your writing advice. Write tight is always helpful! I'm not a tea drinker (and I'm from the South).

  8. Fun interview! Isn't it great to find a critique partner that you gel with!

  9. Thanks so much Cheryl, it was fun inteviewing you and hearing your answers. Thanks again for your time.

    @Jennifer- Yes it is, I'm so glad she's been there to help me out over the years.

    Thanks for stopping by everyone!


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