Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award and Three Liebsters

Thank you to Eric from Happy Birthday Author for my Kreativ Blogger Award

    It was a very rewarding two weeks because I also received three Liebster Awards from Sandi, Cassie and Darshana. You wouldn't believe how grateful I felt. This award is given to blogs less with less than 200 followers. When you receive this award you are to post the link of who gave you the award in a post and also say five things about yourself.

Thank you!

Please check out their wonderful blogs below.

Sandra Henderson from The Write Stuff
Casie Hermansson from Love Kids Lit
Darshana Khiani from Flowering Minds
EricVanRaepenbusch from Happy Birthday Author

As is the custom, here are my answers that go with the Kreativ award:

1. Name your favorite song:
Somewhere over the rainbow
2. Name your favourite dessert:
Key Lime Pie
3. What ticks me off:
When someone doesn't use their car signals
4. When I’m upset I:
Take a walk for some fresh air
5. What’s your favourite pet:
My cat Sloan
6. Black or white:
7. Biggest Fear:
Something happening to my kids
8. Everyday attitude:
Ready to learn something new
9. What is perfection:
When you can't improve on it
10. Guilty Pleasure:
Coffee - I drink too much

7 Random Things About Me

1. Last year I tried to not eat red meat. Only lasted 5 months. I guess I was getting sick of eating shrimp tacos.
2. My favorite time of day is the early morning.
3. I'm one of six kids
4. I love scary movies
5. I was married at a winery
6. I someday plan on taking more art classes
7. In our house on Christmas we watch the Christmas Story marathon and every New Years Day we watch the Twilight zone marathon

And my nominees for the Kreativ Blogger Award and the Liebster award are:

From My Happy Hero

From Never Ending Stories for Children

From The Restless Writer
From Frolicking Through Cyberspace

from A2ZMommy and What's In Between

Please take the time to visit all five of these blogs if you are not already reading them.


  1. Fabulous answers and congrats on the awards! You're amazing!

    1. Aw, you're sweet. Thanks so much Leigh

  2. Thanks for nominating me, Jennifer. I really appreciate it! Also, I didn't realize you are the author of Poison Apple Pie. I've been keeping my eye on the contest to see who would win this year. Your story is super cute! Best of luck with the contest. I bet you get a publishing deal from them regardless. :)

    1. Hi Sarah, you deserve them both!! Congrats on winning it last year. I'm honored you think mine has some kind of chance at publication. Thanks so much for your visit and your kind words.

  3. Congratulations! LOVE your favorite song and I love the early morning too!

    1. Thank you Joanna. Glad you stopped by :)

  4. Hehehehe... You're so cool! ;)

    Great job on raking in on the awards. You deserve them!!

    1. Thank you Bethany, you're too kind :0)

  5. Congrats! I raise my cup of coffee to you.

  6. Congrats Jennifer! I love your song too, I am originally from Kansas:)

    1. Thank you so much Cheryl. I didn't know you were! :)

  7. Thanks for sharing. I have the same pet-peeve.
    Drivers in California seem to think turn signals are optional.

    1. You're welcome! Thanks again for my award :)

  8. Jen, congrats on a great week and thank you for the Kreative Blogger award. I too am a huge fan of key lime pie, although I will be posting a different favorite. :) And, if I could do it all over again, I'd get married at a winery. I read your Poison Apple Pie book and voted for it- it's cute. I have not mastered rhyming. Nicely done! Now, to hop over to those other sites too. Thanks again!

    1. You're so welcome Tracy, you deserve it. It's actually a tie between that and Lemon meringue. But it was shorter so it won. :) Thank you so much for your vote, I really appreciate it. And believe me I too am trying to master rhyming. Learning as I go everyday :)

      Thanks for your kind words!!

  9. i also drink too much coffee! Congrats on the award!

  10. Thank you Jennifer! You are too kind. I have already received a Liebster Blog Award, but thank you nonetheless. Never have I received a Kreativ Blogger Award thanks! I must inform you though that my main blog is over at:

    1. You're welcome Angela! Congrats on your other Liebster!!

  11. Congratulations on the awards, Jennifer! I see that I can join you (and Rena) in the too much coffee club. Thanks so much for passing the awards on to me. I feel so special! Here's my award post:

    1. Hi Heather, thanks for your visit. Congrats on all your awards!!

  12. I love reading all the responses to these awards. I laughed at the car signals one. A guy backed into my car the other day and yelled at me for "taking his parking space." It's a long story, but at least we had not injuries, no damage, but have a story to tell. :) Congrats on all the awards.

    1. That's awful Stacy. I would have been so mad! Thanks for the visit.


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