Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Crafting a Wand

Arts and Crafts
with my book Poison Apple Pie

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Winka the witch used a wand in Poison Apple Pie to help her with her spells.
 A fun craft project to do with your kids is make your own wand.

Things you'll need

A Stick
Acrylic Paint
Paint Brush
Cardboard paper
(or an old coloring book cover)
Tin Foil
Elmers Glue
Two Paper clips
Newspaper - To work on
Smock (or old clothes)
My girls setting up
1. Find the perfect stick.
2. Wash off any dirt then dry it in the sun or with a papertowel.
3. Lay newspaper down before painting your stick.
4. Paint your entire stick any color you want.
We choose to make it pink!
5. After you are finished painting, sprinkle your wand with glitter before it starts to dry.
6. let your stick dry for about two hours or more.
7. While it's drying you can work on your star.
I dotted the star first then she connected them

8. Draw two stars on the cardboard paper
9. Cut them out and wrap foil around each star.

We glued the stars on the foil but it's not needed

This part she got a little fustrated  

But with some help it was finished
10. Once the wand is dry you can glue the stars onto it. Back on the newspaper, glue just one star   
      generously and spread it evenly ONLY on one side.
11. Put the end of the stick on the star that is glue side up.
12. Put the other star on top of the stick and match up the star so it's even.
Don't be shy with the glue on this part

13. After the stars are lined up, attach the paperclips to both sides so the glue binds them together.
We let it sit for two hours or so
14. When the glue is dried take off the clips and...


  1. Cute activity! Do you break it afterwards? Just kidding :-)

    1. Haha, it just may break the way my girls play "sword fight" with their big brother.

  2. What fun, Jennifer!

  3. For CUTE! And for FUN too! My daughters would love this! Such a fun idea. And I love that it coincides with Wanda's wand! :) Perfect!

    1. Thank you Leigh. Don't tell anyone, but my daughter wanted it to be a princess wand...she was very specific. :)

  4. Yay! What a great idea for an activity to do with your book. Love it!


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