Friday, April 13, 2012

A to Z Poetry Challenge (F - K)

This is my second week of the A to Z Poetry Challenge hosted by Rena Traxel. The whole month of April I will practice writing poetry. Click here for all the challenge details.

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Day six- Friday April 6th 2012

F is for free verse
By Bill Boudreau

--Write a fable poem, in another words, write a poem with a moral. Or
--Using the illustration of the three little pigs write a free verse poem. Or
--Pick your favourite fable and retell it in free verse.

The Boy Who Cried Sheep

A son of a shepherd,
Tended his sheep.
One day the sheep turned bad.
They teased and taunted,
And pushed him to the brink.

“Go and be gone,” the boy yelled.
But they stayed and they stared,
A mad evil stare.
“SHEEP,” cried the boy.
A wolf then appeared.

“What is the matter?” asked Wolf.
“I’m scared of my sheep,” he replied.
Wolf said, “Do not call sheep and lie."

The next day,
The sheep came back.
They continued to tease and stare.
“SHEEP,” the boy cried,
And Wolf then appeared.

“What is the matter?” Wolf asked.
“I’m scared of my sheep,” he replied.
Wolf was heated,
Then he repeated, “Do not call sheep and lie.”

The day after that,
The sheep were still bad.
They nipped, the bit and they stared.
“SHEEP,” the boy cried,
And Wolf then appeared.

"What is the matter?" Wolf asked.
"I'm telling the truth, they bit and nipped,
I'm scared of my sheep," he cried.

His arm showed signs of what was done.
So, Wolf licked his chops and ate each one.

-- By Jennifer Young


Day 7 - Saturday April 7th 2012

G is for Glee : Music and Poetry

Illustrated by Julie Rowan-Zoch

--Imagine that you are member of the Glee club who has to write a song for sectionals. Write a poem that can be sung. Or
--Using today's prompt "geek" write a poem. Or
--Write a poem about something that makes you gleeful.

Take my Hand

Take my hand, take my hand.
Now take my heart and hold my hand.
It’s in you.
All up to you,
To take a chance,
And do what's true.

Don’t think it over.
Thoughts cloud the heart,
From opening up,
And letting it start.

Let go of the chains,
That bind you blind.
Now take a chance,
Your heart won't mind.

--Jennifer Young


Day 8 - Monday April 9th 2012

H is for haiku.
By Bill Boudreau

--Write a haiku about your childhood hero. Or
--Write a poem that explains why Spiderman and Wolverine, our waiting outside the principal's office. Or
--Writer three haiku's that link together to tell a story.
Thoughts from a Tulip

Soon I'll see the sun
Through the bare budded branches.
Slowly he will rise.

He will warm my stem.
He will relax my pedals.
I will soon open.

I will move and bend.
All day he'll move. I'll follow.
Dusk 'til dawn, I'll wait.

--By Jennifer Young


Day 9 - Tuesday April 10th 2012

I is for inspiration

Illustrated by Julie Rowan-Zoch


--Mark Twain once said, "don't part with your illusions. When they are gone, you may still exist, but you have ceased to live." Using today's word "illusion" and Julie's wonderful illustration write a poem about illusions.
--Inspiration can come from many different places. Pick something that inspires you and write a poem about it. Or
--Write a poem about a difficult time in your life.
Feel free to post your poem below, on your blog, or share it with the poetry Facebook group.

Teachers Inspire

Fitting in first grade
Was a bit of a ride.
I went with the flow.
I swam with the tide.

In my teen years
Teachers came and they went.
One stopped time in its tracks
And I learned my intent.

I’m not an outsider.
The inside’s not in.
We are all different.
I learned to hold up my chin.

I look back now
Without a regret.
The past makes me, me
And my future not set.

-- By Jennifer Young

Day 10 - Wednesday April 11th 2012

J is for Jingle


--Write a jingle that promotes your blog, website, or yourself. (You don't need the music).

Just Read

Castles in the sky
I'm not going to lie
Is a blog about writing
kids need to read,
First they need a seed
Visit the li-bra-ry
Gotta read
Find a book when the boredom set in
Re- ad, gotta read
Visit the li-bra-ry
Ahhh ahhhh, go read
Visit the li-bra-ry
Ahh Ahhh

--By Jennifer Young


Day 11 - Thursday April 12th 2012

K is for Kids 
My kiddos


--Please go to the online version of Poetic Magnetic Poetry Kit by clicking here. Use the words displayed to create a poem. You can click on the “more words” button if you need more words for your poem. If you have kids have them help you create a poem.

I decided to ask my eight old son Vincent to help me create a poem using Poetic Magnetic Poetry Kit. We had a lot of fun trying out this challenge. We couldn't fit all the words, but here it is anyway...

The Great Explorer

Remember the dark
There is a boy
Not fat
And never wild
Like a flowery younger sister
Exploring a dying tree.

--By Vincent and Jennifer Young

Don't ask me to interpret but I guarantee you'll have some fun with this website.
 Click here to try it with your kids


  1. I loved reading your poems again. I like how you post them all at once...great idea!

  2. I hadn't seen quite a few of these, they are beautiful Jennifer! And I love the wolf one, I snorted at that.

    1. I think I like that one the best from this batch. Glad you got a chuckle! :)

  3. Nice, Jennifer! Congratulations at keeping up with this challenge. I am still a day or two behind.... :)

    1. Thank you Natalie. I'm learning a bunch from Rena and from all you guys as well. Thanks for the support!

  4. The Boy Who Cried Sheep is probably my favourite, but I'm partial to fractured poems. The jingle was awesome! It made me think that I should have wrote mine to Bon Jovi.

    1. Thanks so much Rena! Ooo Bon Jovi! Maybe for next years :)


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