Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Random Acts of Publicity Week 2012

Random Acts of Publicity Week was created by Darcy Pattison writing teacher and author of Prairie Storms. It takes places each September, the four days following Labor Day. Random Acts of Publicity takes the focus off you and your books for a week and instead focuses on a friend’s book or a favorite book. It you're interested in participating click HERE.


    Today, for the random act of publicity I'd like to share with you Corey Rosen Schwartz's soon to be released children's book, THREE NINJA PIGS.  It is due out September 2012. To pre-order click  HERE. To check out all her books click HERE.  To invite Corey to your school or library click HERE.


Synopsis taken directly from Corey's website:
"When the big bad wolf threatens their village, three pigs sign up for different martial arts lessons to prepare to take him down. Pig One and Pig Two don't stick with their training, though, and are no match for their foe. But after practice and dedication, Pig Three becomes great at karate (including perfecting the perfect pork chop!) and saves the day."

Corey's THREE NINJA PIGS is a fractured fairy tale originating from the classic THE THREE LITTLE PIGS. It covers similar themes as the classic; diligence, determination, and persistence.

Have you come across many fracture fairy tales that show similar themes as it's classic? If so, which titles were your favorites?

To learn more about Corey Rosen Schwartz visit her:

Also, if you are looking for a fun read-out loud cause and effect picture book that has onomatopoeia rhyme then don't forget to check out Corey's book Hop! Plop! For a more info Click HERE


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  1. I can't wait to read this! I pre-ordered a couple of weeks ago :-)

    1. That's great! I can't wait to get this one too Penny :)

  2. The Ramdom Acts of Publicity is a wonderful idea...kudos to Darcy Pattison for organizing this! Jen, I'm glad you picked Corey...she is an unbelievable rhymer and her new book looks fantastic.

    1. I know, I wish I found Darcy's blog it from the start of it. I am blown away with Corey's talent for sure. Have you seen the book trailer for Three Ninja Pigs? It's one of my favorites by far.

  3. I can't wait to read Corey's new book, either! Great post and choice, Jennifer... I love RAP!!

    1. Thanks Bethany :) So glad you stopped by.

  4. I absolutely loved your choices today. Thanks so much for sharing these! I can't wait for for Hop! Plop! My little girl will love it:)


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